This page has links to useful Oracle performance tuning resources.

Github repositories:

Python scripts used for producing graphs that are helpful in Oracle database performance tuning:

SQL scripts that are helpful in Oracle database performance tuning and other DBA tasks:

Assembly language programming exercises:

Miscellaneous Python scripts from some classes that I am taking:


Package to extract select statements from source database and run them in different scenarios comparing their plans, run time, and resource consumption: zip

Script to show the executions of a given SQL statement over time: zip

Collection of sql tuning scripts I use most often: zip

Misc code on Rosetta Code: url

Papers and presentations:

Delphix User Experience

PowerPoint WebEx recording

Focusing Your Oracle Database Tuning Efforts For PeopleSoft Applications

Powerpoint, Word, Zip

You’re Smarter Than a Database – Overcoming the optimizer’s bad cardinality estimates

Powerpoint, Word, Zip

SQL Tuning Scripts

Powerpoint, Zip

Cardinality Errors Due to Relationships Between Columns


Exadata Distinctives


Introduction to SQL tuning

PDF, Zip, Powerpoint

– Bobby


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