This page has links to useful Oracle performance tuning resources.

Github repository:


Package to extract select statements from source database and run them in different scenarios comparing their plans, run time, and resource consumption: zip

Script to show the executions of a given SQL statement over time: zip

Collection of sql tuning scripts I use most often: zip

My papers and presentations:

Delphix User Experience

PowerPoint WebEx recording

Focusing Your Oracle Database Tuning Efforts For PeopleSoft Applications

Powerpoint, Word, Zip

You’re Smarter Than a Database – Overcoming the optimizer’s bad cardinality estimates

Powerpoint, Word, Zip

SQL Tuning Scripts

Powerpoint, Zip

Cardinality Errors Due to Relationships Between Columns


Exadata Distinctives


Introduction to SQL tuning

PDF, Zip, Powerpoint

Note that some of my older presentations refer to my old GeoCities blog.  The GeoCities blog is archived at this site:

So, if you see any references to just add to the front of the URL and you will find it.  Very cool archive!

– Bobby






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