There is a lot of talk in the news about privacy and web sites so I thought I would write an informal note about how this blog uses people’s private data.

This blog does not make money in any way. It does not sell anything. It does not have paid advertising. It does not sell people’s email address or other information. It is simply a free blog by one person about computer topics that interest him. Also, I think of anyone who interacts with this blog as my guest and I want them to have a good experience. So, if you have any questions or concerns about this blog please email me at

Here are some details about the software used by this blog and who hosts it.

The URL for this blog is

Amazon Web Services(AWS) hosts this blog.

This blog uses WordPress software with the following plugins:

This blog uses the Twenty Ten theme.

I cannot personally vouch for the details of how these vendors have implemented their products but they are all pretty mainstream so they should address privacy concerns. Also, I update this software to the latest version soon after updates come out so the blog should have the latest privacy features that these vendors develop.

Hopefully this is enough privacy information for this simple blog but please email me if you need to know more or have any concerns.

Bobby Durrett