Column Masking Testcase

I put together a quick testcase to show myself how to use DBMS_RLS on to mask a column. If you would like to run it or see the output it is here: test case zip.

I ran the test case as SYSTEM with a tnsnames.ora entry named ORCL1124.

I based the test on the Oracle Security manual section titled: “Using Column Masking to Display Sensitive Columns as NULL Values”

The most interesting thing was that I did a 10053 trace like I did on an earlier post: earlier VPD post with trace.

Tracing the column masking I found that Oracle sticks a CASE statement into the select clause:

Final query after transformations:******* UNPARSED QUERY IS *******

The predicate that I setup just checked for


So, Oracle’s DBMS_RLS package for VPD features just adds a CASE statement that returns a NULL for the column when the predicate is true and returns the real column otherwise.

Not earth shattering but I did not want to forget this.


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