Final day – OpenWorld and Delphix Sync

This morning was my last day of Oracle OpenWorld sessions and this afternoon and evening finished off my day with Delphix Sync.

The first talk was my only NoSQL talk. It was interesting because the claim was that NoSQL was good for large numbers of simple transactions. This seems to be a theme across a couple of sessions. The funny thing is that the NoSQL code reminded me of my pre-SQL mainframe Datacom DB database programming days. You specified the table and the index and fetched rows etc. You are the optimizer! Of course, you can do the same with simple one table queries in SQL. But, Oracle’s NoSQL may have some concurrency modes that Oracle’s main RDBMS doesn’t have for what that’s worth. The fun thing was that they had examples using Python and I’ve taken Python on Edx so I could read the code. Also, they talked about the REST API and I had done a few REST commands with JSON working through a demo of the Oracle database cloud a few weeks back. So, there were synergies with things I already know.

Next I went to this packed session by someone from Tumbler describing their approach to sharding and scaling. The two packed sessions I went to this week were both MySQL sessions and both by internet companies – Tumbler and Ticketmaster. They were in kind of small rooms and it was a little warm and stuffy. But, I found both very interesting. Supporting large web apps is a pretty cool proposition. Something that in another life would be fun to work on.

Next I went to a PeopleSoft session. I’ve done PeopleSoft for 20 years and I’m bored with it but I figure I should keep up with the latest. It was actually more of a functional presentation on modules that I have never used so most of the information was of no use to me. But, the new Fluid User Interface that I had never seen before interested me so I stayed long enough to get a feel for it. It seems that Oracle built it for tablets and maybe smart phones.

Next it was off to the hip (or should I say hipster :)) Hotel Zetta for Delphix Sync. It was a very cool event with a fun venue and lots of good snacks. No dinner for me tonight. I got a chance to do a ten minutes lightning talk that I built from three slides from Tuesday’s presentation. I got positive feedback but I felt kind of intimidated by all the Delphix techies. There were a lot of Delphix leaders and developers present as well as a number of people from larger customers. I heard a great talk on Delphix performance and other customers and Delphix employees spoke as well. I learned a lot and it makes me think I need to delve back into our Delphix environment and give it a thorough check out.

So, my OpenWorld/Delphix Sync week is over and I am beat. Like always these conferences leave me with information overload. I’m back to the prioritization thing that always dogs my step. There is just too much to learn and do. Where do I put my time? We shall see.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Give me a hollar next year; the Cavalier has excellent food.

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