Reviewing Delphix blog posts before OpenWorld

I just finished reviewing my Delphix blog posts in preparation for the talks that I will give during OpenWorld. I find myself referring back to my blog to help me remember what I have done in the past. I was thinking that I needed to jog my memory so that I could answer questions when I give my talks.  Some of the Delphix topics that I am speaking about occurred a year or two ago so my memories are fuzzy.  But, reading my own posts brought a lot of the details back.

I thought I would list the Delphix posts, even though people can find these just by searching my web site. If you are coming to my talk and want more details or if you just want all the Delphix related information on my site I have collected it here.

I have two talks scheduled during OpenWorld next week.

The first talk is at OakTable World at 9 am on Tuesday.

The second talk is at Delphix Sync between 3 and 4 pm Thursday.  The second talk is a ten minute “lightning talk” version of the first.

I hope to see you at one of the talks and if not I hope this post is valuable to you.


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2 Responses to Reviewing Delphix blog posts before OpenWorld

  1. oraclebhola says:

    Hi Bobby,

    I want to learn Delphix. Please help me to get enable for this.

    Kindly share documents, notes for the same, if possible.

    Sunil Bhola

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