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I got a Kindle for Christmas.  I thought I would enter the 21st century and try reading books on a Kindle, though I kind of like the feel of a real book.  One use I had in mind when I asked for Kindle as a present was to read Oracle manuals on it.  Since Oracle manuals no longer come printed as they did years ago if I want to sit down and read an entire chapter or even an entire book I can’t do that staring at a computer screen.  Of course it is great having the manuals online to look up details you need at the moment, but sometimes I want to read big chunks of the manual to learn a new topic or to review things I’ve read before and forgotten.  In the past I’ve just printed out a chapter at a time but that costs real money.

I downloaded the 11.2 concepts manual in Mobi format and emailed it to my address.  I had to click into the html version of the manual on Oracle’s website to find a link for the Mobi version.  Here is the link to the manual in html: (NO LONGER EXISTS)

The upper right corner has the Mobi link on it.

When I tried reading the manual I found that it worked best with the default font size and changing the Kindle orientation so I held it sideways (i.e. longer lines, smaller number 0f lines).  This allowed the SQL examples to fit on the page.  The images were nice because you could see them pretty well by default and then clicking on them blew them up so you could see more detail.

I read one chapter just to see how comfortable it would be and it was good.  Maybe the Kindle will be my new method of reading manuals when I have a lot to cover.

– Bobby

P.S. Here is the 11.2 concepts manual on 4/26/21:

Seems like you can only download PDF today

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3 Responses to Reading Concepts Manual on Amazon Kindle

  1. Gaetano says:

    Hi Bobby,
    Thanks for your feedback because i wanted to know if oracle manuals were easy to read on Kindle.

    Just a question, which model are you using?


  2. Bobby says:


    I have the basic 6 inch wifi Kindle. Thanks for your comment.

    – Bobby

  3. Nasir says:

    Since things are going paperless and I was looking; so apple came out with ipad mini just in time I am actually happy with the decision and yes it takes a bit getting used to not having the paper in your hand but it’s nice to be able to manipulate the text and graphics etc.

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