Had to set parallel_max_servers to 2 for Delphix clone

This is a quick note about a problem I had creating a Delphix virtual database clone of a production database.

This is an older HP-UX Itanium database. I tried to make a new virtual database copy of the production database and it failed due to the following error:

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [krd_flush_influx_buffers()+96] [SIGSEGV] [ADDR:0x10000000005D8] [PC
:0x400000000B415880] [Address not mapped to object] []

I only found one thing on Oracle’s support site about krd_flush_influx_buffers but it was not an exact match because it had to do with Data Guard.

So I tried various parameters and none worked. I tried setting parallel_max_servers to 0  down from 100 in production but that caused other issues. Then I remembered something about setting it to 2 so I tried that and it worked.

The strange things is that I still see a ORA-07445 krd_flush_influx_buffers error in the alert log for the successful clone. But, somehow changing the parallel_max_servers parameter to 2 allowed the various Delphix and Oracle processes to complete.


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