Had to set parallel_max_servers to 2 for Delphix clone

This is a quick note about a problem I had creating a Delphix virtual database clone of a production database.

This is an older HP-UX Itanium database. I tried to make a new virtual database copy of the production database and it failed due to the following error:

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [krd_flush_influx_buffers()+96] [SIGSEGV] [ADDR:0x10000000005D8] [PC
:0x400000000B415880] [Address not mapped to object] []

I only found one thing on Oracle’s support site about krd_flush_influx_buffers but it was not an exact match because it had to do with Data Guard.

So I tried various parameters and none worked. I tried setting parallel_max_servers to 0  down from 100 in production but that caused other issues. Then I remembered something about setting it to 2 so I tried that and it worked.

The strange things is that I still see a ORA-07445 krd_flush_influx_buffers error in the alert log for the successful clone. But, somehow changing the parallel_max_servers parameter to 2 allowed the various Delphix and Oracle processes to complete.



Today, 4/30/2020, more than 2 years after this post I have the same error on most likely the same database and setting parallel_max_servers to 2 did not solve it. I have upgraded Delphix recently.

After trying a zillion parameter options I finally got the idea of using a different home on the same server. It is at a different patch level than the source database so normally that is not what you want. But the other Oracle home must not have the bug because the provision worked like a charm using it. After successfully provisioning the VDB on the wrong home I used the upgrade feature to point it to the correct home.

Maybe the useful suggestion here is that if you have a version of Oracle that has a bug that prevents you from provisioning a VDB through Delphix you can set up a new Oracle home with a different patch level that does not have the bug and do your provision on it. Then use the upgrade feature to move the VDB back to the home you wanted it on in the first place.


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