Oracle 21c Laptop Install

Finally got around to installing Oracle 21c on my laptop. I installed it on Oracle’s Linux version 7 running in VirtualBox. There are other posts out there, so I won’t get too detailed. I noticed this post:

But I mainly went by the manual:

I stopped the firewall:

service firewalld stop
systemctl disable firewalld

I used the preinstall yum package:

yum install oracle-database-preinstall-21c

As root setup the directories with the right ownership and permission:

mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle
mkdir -p /u01/app/oraInventory
chown -R oracle:oinstall /u01/app/oracle
chown -R oracle:oinstall /u01/app/oraInventory
chmod -R 775 /u01/app

As oracle unzipped the zip:

cd /u01/app/oracle/product/21.0.0/dbhome_1
unzip -q /home/oracle/

I was annoyed by the -q option of unzip. If I did it again, I would leave it off so that I could see the list of files as they were unzipped.

From the console I ran this:

cd /u01/app/oracle/product/21.0.0/dbhome_1

I got a warning about the clock source being kvm-clock and not tsc. I tried Oracle’s instructions to fix this warning, but they did not work for me. It was just a warning apparently coming from the cluster verification utility. Since I am not using RAC, I didn’t see how this could matter so I ignored it. The install was very simple. Forced to use a CDB this time as I already knew.

The only interesting part for me was the read only Oracle home. Evidently the files that are updatable are stored under ORACLE_BASE_HOME instead of ORACLE_HOME.

I ended up adding these lines to .bash_profile:

export ORACLE_SID=orcl
. oraenv
export ORACLE_BASE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/homes/OraDB21Home1

To add a new tnsnames.ora entry for the pdb I had to go to $ORACLE_BASE_HOME/network/admin instead of $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin:

[oracle@orcl21 ~]$ ls -altr $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
total 4
-rw-r--r--.  1 oracle oinstall 1624 Feb 18  2020 shrept.lst
drwxr-xr-x.  2 oracle oinstall   61 Jul 27  2021 samples
drwxr-xr-x. 10 oracle oinstall   98 Jul 27  2021 ..
drwxr-xr-x.  3 oracle oinstall   37 Jan 26 13:45 .
[oracle@orcl21 ~]$ ls -altr $ORACLE_BASE_HOME/network/admin
total 16
drwxr-x---. 5 oracle oinstall  40 Jan 26 12:52 ..
-rw-r-----. 1 oracle oinstall 190 Jan 26 12:53 sqlnet.ora
-rw-r-----. 1 oracle oinstall 329 Jan 26 12:53 listener.ora
-rw-r-----. 1 oracle oinstall 397 Jan 26 13:49 tnsnames.ora.01262022
-rw-r-----. 1 oracle oinstall 586 Jan 26 13:49 tnsnames.ora
drwxr-x---. 2 oracle oinstall  89 Jan 26 13:49 .

I added this entry to $ORACLE_BASE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora:

orclpdb =
      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = orcl21)(PORT = 1521))
        (SERVICE_NAME = orclpdb)

Pretty simple. The hard part is understanding what is new in 21c.


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