I just put two new scripts on my OracleDatabaseTuningSQL GitHub repository. These came out of a PeopleSoft Financials performance problem I was working on that involved a lot of similar SQL statements that used constants instead of bind variables, so they did not show up at the top of the AWR report. I had to look at ASH data to find them and had to group by their force matching signature to group the similar statements together. These are the two scripts:

ashfmscount.sql – Looks at a single application engine session and groups all the time spent by force matching signature to find the queries that consumed the most time. I used my simple ashdump.sql script to dump out a few rows when I knew the app engine was running and I found the SESSION_ID and SESSION_SERIAL# values there.

ashtopelapsed.sql – This is meant to look like the SQL by elapsed time report on an AWR report except that it groups SQL by force matching signature but gives an example sql id with its text to give you an idea of what the signature represents. Might be good to run this the next time my AWR report does not have any long running SQL statement on the top SQL report.

I really used the first one to resolve the issue along with various other scripts to get to that point. I created the second one just now as a possible future script to use in addition to an AWR report. I didn’t check the ASH report to see if this is a duplicate of it, but these two new scripts work well.


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