Plan Change Monitor goes off on SQL Analyze query

Last night, the plan change monitor script we have setup on one of our production databases alerted us about query with a SQL Analyze hint. It looked weird.

The query has sql_id 48tfz5d37xk28 and starts like this:

/* SQL Analyze(3141,1) */ select ...

The weird thing is the output of my sqlstat.sql script for this sql_id value:

It looks like one of the database’s built in processes was running this query with various plans. Plan_hash_value 3992115155 tripped the alert. I guess it was 10 times as long as plan 3597180003. The plan change monitor script could be improved in many ways to eliminate false positives like this, but I just added a condition to exclude all queries run by user SYS:

< m.sql_id not in ('dkqs29nsj23jq','58r2wgh5xx1bg','3m2su959r6tp8','3z60x9386n1v8','bx81s3m9zxutb','czwbdwxx5aqsk','001wbydnwaa7n','6quugay8yt73u')
> m.sql_id not in 
and s.username <> 'SYS'

This is the first time I remember seeing something like this cause an alert, but the workaround was easy.


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