Rolling out patched 19c home using gold image

For Oracle versions 11.2 through 18 I have been applying quarterly patches to a test database and then gathering the Oracle home into a tar file. When we want to roll out a new database server with the latest patches, we untar the file and clone the Oracle home with a command like this:

$ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller -clone -silent ...

This command no longer works for 19c. Here are the errors I got out of runInstaller:

Notice that the version of runInstaller is even though I am installing from a 19c download.

Now I am using a new command like this while in the $ORACLE_HOME directory:

./runInstaller -silent -responseFile ./myresponsefile.rsp

Before running this command, I had to unzip my gold image zip file into $ORACLE_HOME. I created the gold image zip file using a command like this:

I ran this through MobaXterm to use their X server. I created the response file when I initially installed 19c on this test server. Then I patched the Oracle home with the July 2019 PSU and finally ran the above command to create the gold image.

Some useful links that I ran into:

Franck Pachot’s post about doing a silent 18c install using the new runInstaller

Oracle support document that says the old Oracle home cloning does not work in 19c: script is deprecated and how to clone using gold-image (Doc ID 2565006.1)

Oracle documentation about installing silent with response file

I tried running the $ORACLE_HOME runInstaller without a response file based on the Oracle support document 2565006.1 listed above but it gave an error saying that I needed a global database name even though I am doing a software only install. Here is what I tried:

./runInstaller -silent -debug -force \
 oracle.install.option=INSTALL_DB_SWONLY \
 oracle.install.db.InstallEdition=EE \
 oracle.install.db.DBA_GROUP=dba \
 oracle.install.db.OPER_GROUP=oracle \
 oracle.install.db.OSBACKUPDBA_GROUP=oracle \
 oracle.install.db.OSDGDBA_GROUP=oracle \
 oracle.install.db.OSKMDBA_GROUP=oracle \
 oracle.install.db.OSRACDBA_GROUP=oracle \

So I switched to a response file based on this DBA Stackexchange post about how you have to use a response file because the command line options don’t work. I am not sure why the Oracle document shows the command line options if they don’t work.

We used the Oracle home cloning approach for several years with a lot of success. 19c has a new way to do the same thing and it was not difficult to modify our existing scripts and process to use the new method. Going forward I will apply quarterly 19c patch sets to my test database and then create a new gold image zip file for future deployments. I plan to continue to use the older Oracle home cloning method for 12.2 and 18c for now if it keeps working. For 12.2 and 18c I just apply quarterly updates to our test database servers and create new Oracle home tars for deployments.


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7 Responses to Rolling out patched 19c home using gold image

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  2. Mark Ahlstrom says:

    You just cleared up a boat load of confusion for me. Thanks!!!

  3. Don says:

    But this not works for multiple Central Inventories 🙁 .

    • Bobby says:

      Thank you for your comment. In my case we have a standard VM template that rolls out Red Hat Linux with one Oracle inventory so I just have to add the gold image to it. I am not sure how it would work with multiple inventories. Does ORACLE_BASE set the inventory location? Would it work to set ORACLE_BASE for the inventory that you want to add it to?


  4. Abdul says:

    Will gold image patching techniques works in in-place patching.i.e patch using existing oracle_home.

    • Bobby says:

      Thanks for your question. I am sorry that I did not see this comment sooner. I am not sure that I understand your question. If you have an existing 19c Oracle home you can use this approach to create a gold image zip from it. Then you can use that zip to install 19c with the same patches as your source Oracle home. So, if you have a source production system that has a combination of patch sets and one off patches and you want to create a new test database with the same patching then you can use this approach to quickly duplicate the production home for the test system.

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