Bought Matthew Morris’ OCP 12c upgrade book for Key DBA Skills section

I haven’t even started on Sam Alapati’s OCP book but I realized today that Matthew Morris’s OCP 12c upgrade book has an outline of the Key DBA Skills section of the OCP exam and that is what I need most.  I was two questions away on that section when I took the test the first time and I need to make sure I’m studying the right things.  After I got back to the office after failing my first attempt (a $245 lesson) I made notes about what I remember being unsure of and that gave me some ideas what to study.  But, it is nice to get some advice from someone else who has passed the exam.  I saved a couple of bucks by getting the Kindle version for $9.99 so it seemed like a safe bet.  Hopefully I can hit it hard on both books and my practice test software, which also covers the key DBA skills, and be able to take the test again by the end of the August.

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I live in Chandler, Arizona with my wife and three daughters. I work for US Foods, the second largest food distribution company in the United States. I have worked in the Information Technology field since 1989. I have a passion for Oracle database performance tuning because I enjoy challenging technical problems that require an understanding of computer science. I enjoy communicating with people about my work.
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  1. Alexandre Focante says:

    Hey Bobby, your blog is very nice, simple and clear, and many times I get myself with the same thinkings of your posts.

    I would like to see here you commenting a big about the Sam Alapati’s OCP book, if its really worthy for the 12c OCP upgrade test. Also, let us know about this book you just bought, from Matthew Morris.

    • Bobby says:


      Thanks for your comment. I’ll definitely let people know how it goes. I feel good about my purchases. $45 for Sam Alapati’s book, $10 for Matthew Morris’ book and my employer bought me the testprep software which cost $100. Not bad when you consider that a week long class probably costs $3000.

      I’m excited about Matthew’s book because it gives me some clarity on what to study on the second part of the test. I was starting to flounder because there is so much I could study and I would never get done. Now I’m planning to focus just on my three resources – the two books and the software – and let them drive any additional study of the manuals or testing of the software that is needed to clarify what the resources say.

      – Bobby

  2. praveen says:

    Hi, during my Oracle 11g upgrade OCP, I used Sam’s book, I find lot of mistakes and incorrect information.

    • Bobby says:


      I had the same experience with his 11g OCP book, but then I passed the test so that’s the only thing that really matters. I used Sam Alapati’s 11g OCP book and the Kaplan Selftest software and I was able to pass the 11g OCP test on my first attempt. I figure that when I get to the point that I can find the errors in the book and the software then I know I’m ready. It worked on 11g. Time will tell with 12c. It’s a tough test.

      – Bobby

  3. fredjones95 says:

    Odd, the “Key DBA Skills” section turned out to be the easiest but that was because I thoroughly studied and passed 1z0-052 and 1z0-053 late last year. With 11g under my belt, the upgrade section was all I had to tackle and I passed 1z0-060 at ease. Now all I need is an employer willing to accept my knowledge despite my only having a few months of hands on experience.

    • Bobby says:

      Thank you for your comment and I wish you well in your job search. Someone else said that they studied their 11g certification preparation materials and that helped them pass the Key DBA Skills section so that may be a good approach. I’m hoping to take another stab at the test by the end of next week.

      It may not be of much use to you depending on where you live, but we do have an open DBA position. Also, I think that Pythian is hiring so you might try them. Companies need Oracle DBAs but the job search process can get in the way of connecting people to them.

      – Bobby

      p.s. Here is my post on our DBA position:

  4. Hi Bobby,

    I am too much worried regarding the “Key DBA Skills”. I am going to write exam on 13th Feb , please suggest me the topics what I should go through for the second section of exam.

    Waiting for you reply….

    • Bobby says:

      I recommend the different books and programs that I listed on this blog post: Those are the ones I used. If you don’t pass the test on Feb 13 then after you get out of the test make notes for yourself on the things you need to study for the next attempt.

      • Thanks Bobby for your quick response. I have to pass this exam otherwise I will loose my OCP 10G oracle certification validation. Anyways thanks again , I will try my level best.

        • Bobby says:

          I hope you do well on the test, but it may not be a big deal if you don’t pass it the first time. I did a quick check on the OCP expiration dates. I recommend that you check it but it seems like it is not that big of a deal if your 10G certification expires. If I am reading the web site correctly you can take your test Feb 13 and if you don’t pass your 10g OCP just becomes inactive March 1. But then you can retake the 12c OCP upgrade exam a few months later and then your 10g will be active again and your 12c. As long as they don’t make you pay for an expensive course or take a bunch of tests instead of the upgrade exam I don’t see it really mattering if your 10g certification goes inactive.

      • Thanks Bobby, Please correct me If I am wrong. As I am getting you, you mean to say If I won’t pass this exam I will be able to take this after few months. I have one question that ” If I won’t update my certification before 1 March 2016, will Oracle allow me to write this exam as an OCP 10G certified Guy to upgrade my certification.”

        Please answer.

        What I thought they will not allow me to write this exam because after expiration of 10G certification I will not be OCP certified Guy any more so I will not be eligible for the 1Z0-060 exam. Please correct me if am wrong.

        • Bobby says:

          I don’t know for sure so don’t make any decisions based on my ideas here. You have to check for yourself. Look at this web page: Here is the FAQ: “What happens if I allow my credential to become inactive? Can I follow an upgrade path and be reactivated, or do I need to start over?” Here is Oracle’s answer: “If you allow your credential to become inactive, simply upgrade to a current credential.” So, that sounds like you can still take the 1Z0-060 exam. But nothing is certain with Oracle so you have to check on this yourself and don’t blame me if their web site is misleading or wrong!

          • Prabhakar Kumar says:

            Hi Bobby,

            Today I wrote the OCP 12c (1Z0-060) exam and passed the exam with 93%. Your guidance helped me a lot.

            Thank you so much.

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