Oracle 12c Auditing Chapters

Spent a good amount of time yesterday and today reading about auditing in Oracle 12c.  Can’t say I read every word, but I think it was worth reading the three chapters in the Security manual related to auditing:

Chapter 21 Introduction to Auditing
Chapter 22 Configuring Audit Policies
Chapter 23 Administering the Audit Trail

I haven’t used these features but it seems like a major new piece of code with the Unified Audit Trail.

I also read this chapter of the VLDB guide because it seemed to have a lot of things that were either new to 12c or new to me:

Chapter 5 Managing and Maintaining Time-Based Information

This chapter describes features that cause data to age out and get moved on to less expensive storage automatically over time.

Anyway, just wanted to pass on some full chapters that I’ve read and am pondering as I try to comprehend the new 12c features.

– Bobby

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