Finished reading multitenant parts of db admin manual

I’m trying to get up to speed on 12c, especially the multitentant features.  So, I decided to read the sections of the manuals that related to using multitentant.  Here is the name of the manual I was looking at:

Oracle® Database Administrator’s Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1)

It isn’t great reading.  It is kind of slow-paced and really more of a reference but since it is a large new feature I wanted to go over the practical details of using it.  Some of the sections had a command line sqlplus version and a web-based cloud control version so I skipped the cloud version.  I’m more of a command line, DBA and v$ view kind of DBA.

Here are the chapter numbers and titles of the sections I read:

36 Overview of Managing a Multitenant Environment
37 Creating and Configuring a CDB
38 Creating and Removing PDBs with SQL*Plus
40 Administering a CDB with SQL*Plus
42 Administering PDBs with SQL*Plus
43 Viewing Information About CDBs and PDBs with SQL*Plus
44 Using Oracle Resource Manager for PDBs with SQL*Plus
46 Using Oracle Scheduler with a CDB

I haven’t really used what I’ve learned yet but I feel like I have a good overview and know where to go to get more information.

I’m also working on reading through the 12c concepts manual on my Kindle but I haven’t gotten to the multitenant part.  Once I’m done with that I hope to get serious about studying up for the 12c OCP upgrade exam.  It looks like you can sign up for the tests now, but I don’t have any practice exam software or a book and I usually get one of these before I take the test.  I see one book that is supposed to be available in June so I may have to wait until then but I have plenty to do between now and then anyway so I may not be ready to take the test before the book is available so that should work out.

In any case, certification or no, it was helpful to read the db admin guide multitenant sections to get a feel for how it works.  Probably chapter 44 was the most interesting because it talked about using resource manager to divide resource usage between the pluggable databases that are sharing the same instance.

– Bobby

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