SS Enqueue and sort segment request waits on after trying to drop temp tablespace

Participated in a long forum thread that I started with this title:

SS Enqueue and sort segment request waits on after trying to drop temp tablespace

We have had quite the saga on an old 8.1.7 database.  Really, it has been going on since December 26th.  It was pretty cool to see the interaction with the Oracle community while at the same time getting some good help from Oracle support on such an old release.  I definitely appreciate everyone’s efforts!

The core issue relates to dropping objects in a dictionary managed tablespace that have many small extents.  I had similar issues a number of years ago that I mentioned on my old blog:

April 24, 2008 post

May 19, 2008 post

June 2, 2008 post

Bottom line is that if you still have a system with dictionary managed tablespaces don’t let your tables and indexes have small extent sizes or you may end up with an object that is difficult to drop and various issues will ensue if you do drop it.

– Bobby

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