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I just finished reading the main section of the Oracle 12c New Features Guide.  I read pages 17-107 of the version I have – Section 1 titled “Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1) New Features”.  I underlined and asterisked the things that stuck out as interesting in this pass and thought I would include them in this post: New PL/SQL DBMS_UTILITY.EXPAND_SQL_TEXT Procedure

Expands views into SQL automatically. Default Values for Columns Based on Oracle Sequences

Use sequence in column definition for default values. Increased Size Limit for VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, and RAW 
Data Types

32K varchar2 columns JDBC Support for Database Resident Connection Pool

Possible alternative to shared servers Asynchronous Global Index Maintenance for DROP and 
TRUNCATE Partition

Global index not made unusable by partition maintenance Adaptive Query Optimization

Plans change when DB sees that its cardinality estimates
were wrong. Session-Private Statistics for Global Temporary Tables

Gather stats on global temp tables for your session only - cool. SecureFiles is the Default for LOB Storage

Not sure what the means, but good to know that the default 

1.4.1 Database Consolidation

Subsections 2-6 give some clues to the way the multitenant 
architecture works. Cloning a Database

Sounds similar to Delphix Oracle Data Pump Change Table Compression at Import Time

Imported data can be compressed using HCC on target. Multiple Indexes on Same Set of Columns

Can have different kinds of indexes on same set of columns 
(same order I assume) Active Database Duplication Enhancements

Faster clone of an open database using RMAN Enterprise Manager Database Express

Sounds like a better EM tool - would like to check it out
and review the 2-Day dba manuals which show uses of it. Queryable Patch Inventory

Don't have to do lsniventory to see your patches? Multi-Process Multi-Threaded Oracle

Wondering what platforms this is on and what it really means. Unified Context-Based Database Audit Architecture

Sounds like this may replace some third party tools.  Improved 
auditing. Parallel Upgrade

May speed up upgrade by parallelising

I read all 91 pages but there were sections that didn’t really interest me since they are about features we don’t use such as Spatial.  If you are interested in 12c I encourage you to read this as I did.  I printed out about 10 pages at a time.  It’s only 91 pages so it doesn’t take forever to read it.

– Bobby

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