Script to see wait time over an interval

Another simple script: zip.

This is like an AWR report where you see a difference in v$ view values over time.  But, it is for  one wait event over a single interval.  Simple but possibly useful.

drop table waitdiff;

create table waitdiff as
select * from v$system_event
where event='&&WAITNAME';


(s.TOTAL_WAITS-d.TOTAL_WAITS) "Number of waits",
(s.TOTAL_WAITS-d.TOTAL_WAITS) "Avg microseconds"
waitdiff d,
v$system_event s
d.event=s.event and

WAITNAME is the wait event such as “log file sync”.  INTERVALSECONDS is how long you want to wait between checks of the waits – i.e. 60 for 60 seconds.

Slightly edited output:

EVENT                    Number of waits Avg microseconds
------------------------ --------------- ----------------
log file parallel write            11412       2642.81151

– Bobby

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