Autotask clients fall into OTHER_GROUPS on custom plans

The autotask clients run in their own resource consumer groups.  So, stats, space, and SQL tuning tasks have some consumer groups that you have to include in your own plans if your plan will be active while the window for these tasks is open.

Here are the Oracle supplied consumer groups for the autotask clients:

SQL> select client_name,consumer_group

CLIENT_NAME                      CONSUMER_GROUP
-------------------------------- ------------------------------
auto optimizer stats collection  ORA$AUTOTASK_STATS_GROUP
auto space advisor               ORA$AUTOTASK_SPACE_GROUP
sql tuning advisor               ORA$AUTOTASK_SQL_GROUP

In a case I was working on our custom resource plan was active but didn’t include any of the consumer groups listed above.  So, when stats ran it fell through to the other_groups part of the plan.  Sadly, other_groups was set to 0% which should never be the case and this caused the stats job to hang when the CPU use was high.

So, don’t make other_groups 0% or include these special autotask consumer groups in your plan if your plan will be active during the maintenance windows.

– Bobby

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