How to show currently active events

Found a helpful PL/SQL block in this presentation: – NO LONGER EXISTS

This shows you which events are set – i.e. by an alter system set events command.  I modified this to have a larger range of event values – to 29999.

event_level number;
for i in 10000..29999 loop
-- note: requires exec permission for DBMS_SYSTEM
if (event_level > 0) then
('Event '||i||' set at level '|| event_level);
end if;
end loop;

This shows the events that were set dynamically as well as any set in the init parameter event.


alter system set events
'10503 trace name context forever, level 4000';

Then run the PL/SQL block and you get this:

Event 10503 set at level 4000

Also, Oracle note 160178.1 has a good explanation of setting events dynamically and in an spfile.

– Bobby

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