I thought I would do a fun page on a topic unrelated to Oracle database administration.  The one computer game I play somewhat regularly is called nethack.  I first ran across a program called hack when I was a college student at Harvard between 1983 and 1987.  Our Vax computers with their character based terminals had hack installed and it was a great way to waste time when you should be doing school work.  I also had a PC version at the time which ran on my Compaq portable computer with its two 5 1/4 inch floppy drives. Later versions became known as nethack.

Nethack binaries and source


A list of my ascensions

Ascension end game dumps:

Diary that I print out and put in a binder for each game to keep track of things:

Nethack 3.4.3 Blank Diary

Nethack 3.6.0 Blank Diary – very cool site to play nethack over the internet.  has many enhancements over the base game.  Here are my stats/games: url – USENET news group with good nethack discussion – I used to post as

Reddit nethack forum – web based nethack discussion forum

Nethack wiki – Nethack site with a bunch of information

patches – site with source code patches you can apply to the base code.

variants – modified versions of the vanilla code.

irc chat – real time discussion about Nethack games and development

Simple patch I created:  Coins dropped on altar patch

My GitHub repository URL:


  • NetHack-3.6.0 – this is just my copy of the main repository from the development team. I update this often to keep up with the DevTeam’s code.
  • fixscreenresize – minor bug fix to make Nethack on Linux allow you to change the number of rows and columns in your Putty window without causing a problem.
  • tigerfix – very minor enhancement to allow a hallucinating player who is polymorphed as a tiger to get the same fun Tony the Tiger message no matter what type of yummy food they eat.
  • bobbyhack – combines my other branches into one. My theory is that if I start making branches with experimental changes, etc. I can merge them all into this branch and it will be a way for me to play with my code. But, at this moment it only has two small fixes on top of the main repository.

Instructions for using GitHub and Nethack: URL

Description of the 32 bit version of Linux that I used to use to run Nethack: post

Now I have a new Centos 7 Linux VM running on 64 bit x86. Not sure why I felt like I had to have a 32 bit version of Linux before but I’m keeping the post for posterity.

I use this email alias for Nethack related conversations:

Anyway, it is a fun game mainly for nostalgic reasons for me.  Plus is it cool to have the source code.

– Bobby


Here is my youngest daughter’s interpretation of nethack:


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