First draft Sudden SQL Slowness Toastmasters talk

I’m doing Toastmasters to try to improve my speaking and my third talk will be related to why a function on a web site can suddenly slow down due to a change in plan.  It has to be 5 to 7 minutes long and the audience is non-technical.

So, just for fun, here is my first draft.  If you feel like giving me any suggestions that would be great.

First draft of Toastmasters Sudden SQL Slowness talk

– Bobby

About Bobby

I live in Chandler, Arizona with my wife and three daughters. I work for US Foods, the second largest food distribution company in the United States. I've been working as an Oracle database administrator and PeopleSoft administrator since 1994. I'm very interested in Oracle performance tuning.
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2 Responses to First draft Sudden SQL Slowness Toastmasters talk

  1. Don Burleson says:

    Good draft. You might mention for a laugh that SQL is a misnomer that it stands for structured query language, but it is not structured, not for queries-only and not a language.

    Also maybe note that SQL for for interactive web sites like Amazon and eBay . . .

    Good Luck!

    • Bobby says:


      Thanks for the feedback. I definitely need some humor to make it more interesting, and your point about major web sites that we all use using SQL should appeal to a non-technical audience.

      – Bobby

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