Yet another test_select package update

Most recent version here.

Added these two:

display_results(test_name,compared_to_test_name) - output results of
testings in the two scenarios.  List results from all queries that
ran more than 3 times as long with one test or the other.  Also 
summarize results with total elapsed time, number of queries 
executed, average elapsed time, and percent improvement.

show_plan(test_name,sqlnumber) - extract plan from plan_table for
given test name and sql statement.

Example usage:

execute test_select.display_results('PARALLEL 128','PARALLEL 8');

select test_select.show_plan('PARALLEL 128',57) from dual;

Give it a try.

– Bobby

About Bobby

I live in Chandler, Arizona with my wife and three daughters. I work for US Foods, the second largest food distribution company in the United States. I've been working as an Oracle database administrator and PeopleSoft administrator since 1994. I'm very interested in Oracle performance tuning.
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